Saturday, May 7, 2016

Last Post?

Hello fellow Geeks,
      I am sad to say that this might be the last blog I will be doing on this page. With the packed summer schedule I have I might not be able to keep up on these blogs. I will try to come back here and keep you guys (and girls) informed on games and other activities I am up to. I am proud to say that I and a couple of other friends are going to RTX this summer. I would be glad to see some of you there. Also, I might be starting my youtube channel back up. My name for that is SoloGamer if you want to check my past videos. The newer ones will be tons better with hopefully not just me. Yes, I do have friends. Lastly, if I do become a big enough hit I will even start a website for me. I know right! Selfish. Hey, it is my work I am putting in. I wanna feel good about myself.

      That will be all for now. Make sure to check in every week to see if I am still alive here. Thanks for reading that whole paragraph.

-Hans Solo.